“Voice is cathartic”

As personal stories can also be cathartic (Voice as an instrument) as a sense-making process. Sound and music has an ability to affect people without the need for mediation or an articulated response. It is something immediate, intuitive and a way of connecting the magic of performance to an embodied magic that people carry with them.
 Voice is an action that can go beyond words. One of my sound making activities is my band called “a thousand horses” which I have formed during my CCA artist residency in 2015.

We are a collective trio combining music, video projection, drawing props and body performance. Comprising of me on vocals and multi instruments, Wu Junhan on drums and Ian Woo on bass guitar, We invent pop music with psycho rhythms and celestial sounds, envisioning the borders between daily existence, end times and a new beginning. They are music made by the mountains and seas.”