Recent Works

Performances and Live-works

“For me art is obsession, voyage of discovery and therapy all rolled into one”. My multidisciplinary practice explores human nature in relation to the social environment, through encounters with the ephemeral realm of sound. My work playfully traverses the domains of drawing, performance and installation, giving form to the shapeless aural experience. anGie's intense and emotive performances evoke the complexities of the human psyche, breaking out of the limitations of spoken language in search of authentic expression and primal beauty; the unrestrained voice begins to embody a language with its own sacred vocabulary, synthesising new meanings, contexts and associations through its raw articulation. Spontaneity is a key artistic strategy for me allowing chance and intuition to navigate a range of shifting emotional resonances and psychological states. We hear what goes beyond the body towards the expanses of the soul. Meeting in action of voice, body, objects and images. My performance videos can be found and my website's video gallery


“I trust strongly the importance to understand the society by creating an active art environment, Art within the community does encourage the growth of a society” Sometimes I get invitations to collaborate with theatre groups, I always find it interesting to work on another platform to present a different vision, as an artist it helps me to broaden my practise and even open more creative possibilities for me. Art should not be viewed just as a visual culture but as an essential human process of self exploration and communication.